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Ether Quest

Digital blockchain battle arena

COLLECT unique Warriors,
TRAIN them to defeat rivals,
BATTLE at the Arena for glory and big ETH wins!

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What is Ether Quest?

Ether Quest is a fantasy RPG powered by the blockchain.

Mighty Warriors from multiple worlds clash in a struggle for supremacy.

Become a Warlord! Collect, train and trade unique fighters.

Win everlasting glory and Ether!



Each Warrior is a unique collectible that fully belongs to you.

The Warriors’ ownership is guaranteed by the blockchain technology. No one controls your Warriors but you, their warlord.

The Warriors range in rarity, from Common to Legendary. Each rarity type coming with a unique combination of stats and bonuses.

Unique Warriors, the very best and the most expensive jewels, appear like shooting stars on a night sky.

The earlier you begin, the higher are your chances.

Game Activities
icon dungeon


To get a new Warrior, you need to send one of your Warriors to perform a Summoning Ritual. Summoning is, essentially, mining for new Warriors.

icon arena


Send your Warrior to fight at the Arena, and get profit when your Warrior wins. Your Warriors get stronger and more valuable with every victory.

icon tournament


Every day, a great Tournament occurs - a fierce battle with huge prizes. Your best Warriors clash with the others in an epic fight, and the prize becomes bigger with every victory.

Fight for Glory

Warlords from many worlds have gathered at the Arena City to earn eternal renown and heaps of treasure.
Join the arena!